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Licht der Zee-vaert of Willem Blaeu

Pictures of Linda Timmer for the Grundtvig project. By courtesy of the The Special Collections Department of the University of Amsterdam.

Maps of the Atlas Maior

These Images are printed in the famous Atlas Maior of Joan Blaeu in Amsterdam, 1662. By courtesy of Library of the University of Seville that provenance these images.

History of the Dutch East India Company - The Asian part

By Henk Rijkeboer.

Nicolaes Visscher - Indiae Orientalis.
(Click on image to go to source.)

A first expedition under the command of Cornelis de Houtman1 and Peter Dirkz Keijzer sailed to "the East" in 1595/1596. Result: the Dutch had their sea route to the Indies. The Indies was everything east of the Indus River. Several companies were started for trade with the east. They competed fiercely with each other. This decreased profits and no one could stand against enemies such as the Portuguese. Therefore under political pressure from Maurits (Stadtholder2) and Oldenbarnevelt (Land's Advocate3) all companies were united to the Dutch East India Company (V.O.C.,1602).

Rembrandt van Rijn

1606 - 1669

by Jan Melkert

Around 1900 the total number of pictures attributed to Rembrandt by connoisseurs (professionals) of the Works amounted to about 1000 paintings (only the paintings, not the drawings).

Pieter de Hooch

1629 (Rotterdam) - 1684 (Amsterdam)

by Jan Melkert

Govaert Flinck

1615 (Kleef) - 1660 (Amsterdam)

by Jan Melkert

Gerard Dou

1613 (Leiden) - 1675 (Leiden)

by Jan Melkert

Jan Steen

1625 (Leiden) - 1679 (Leiden)

by Jan Melkert

Johannes Vermeer

1632 (Delft) - 1675 (Delft)

by Jan Melkert

Jacob van Ruisdael

1628 (Haarlem) - 1682 (Amsterdam)

by Jan Melkert


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