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Welcome to the webpage of the "European Heritage Project".

Heritage is our legacy from the past,
what we live with
and what we pass on to future generations.



Dear Reader,

This website is the result of the four-year Grundtvig project "Contributions to the European Heritage". Initiated by the German secondary teacher Ludwig (Louis) Schmidt and his Dutch colleague Henk  Rijkeboer, joined by the Spanish teachers Maria Xosé Rodriguez Valcarcel and José Antonio Armesto Rodríguez as well as their Italian colleagues Mariella Candio and Maurizio Seggioli, we started to work on the above project in 2008. Unfortunately, our Italian partners were denied renewal of their funding by their national agency. Instead our Greek partners from Lesvos, Ifigenia Georgiadu and Christos Sotiropoulos, joined the Grundtvig project.

The teachers from all these different nations were able to inspire many of their students to work for the project. Its aim is to show the importance of our local history for the historical heritage of Europe and to prove that the participating nations have common European roots. The analysis of the different cultural and political aspects of European history has made cross-border networking of Europeans in recent centuries possible. This led to an awareness that there have been ideas, people, mostly traders, and an exchange of goods across the borders of the various European nations which have helped create a European identity today.

We met five times in each of the participating countries to present the results of our work, to discuss the further progress of our cooperation and to visit the historic, cultural and scenic locations of the respective country. We wrote texts, took pictures and edited graphics finally presenting them on our member Rainer Wermelt's Internet platform. The book was compiled by Rainer Wermelt and Marc Kaiser and is to be understood as a printed version of this site. It will be a memento for all members of our group having worked on the project, having become friends. Moreover, it can also be used to serve as a source of inspiration for future classroom work, to get an insight into our project and our European topic. We are grateful to Grundtvig which has made it possible to learn and work together, and understand each other. Not only have our website and the book been created, but also relationships and lasting friendships.

Enjoy reading!

The team of "Contributions to the European Heritage"







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